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Remain genuine with your replies in PI

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Personal Interview stage

After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Personal interview and now it is must for you to practice with variety of PI Tips.

Read and develop points for Pi Tips :Remain genuine with your replies in PI

The Personal Interview stage is more or less the make or break stage for the candidate. Candidates preparing for entrance exams also prepare for the interview. Preparing for the interview comprises expecting and anticipating questions that might be asked and thinking of answers accordingly. This is done so that the candidate does not leave anything to chance and is ready to take on anything that comes his/ her way.

While preparing for the interview, thinking too much about the answers and trying to come up with ‘perfect’ answers that you think will impress the panel can prove to be counter- productive and, in fact, harm your chances. In trying to frame ideal answers, you may end up compromising on the truth or the facts that you state, thinking that these will give you the best chance of impressing the panel as they would be expecting to hear such replies. This strategy is fraught with risks. Not only do you take the risk of being exposed but underlying this strategy is the assumption that the people on the panel interviewing you are not experienced enough or intelligent enough to make out whether what you are saying is genuine or not.

Any incorrect data provided to the panel at the time of the interview could turn back to haunt you at any stage of the interview or later on, even if you make it. For instance, providing wrong information about the prior education you have received, your degrees/ diplomas and other such things can hurt your chances in the beginning itself. Also, there are candidates who pretend to know it all and try to fool the interviewers. These candidates will never have a chance to impress the interviewers.

Therefore, it is advisable to stick to the truth, whatever it maybe, because that’s your best chance. There will be no danger of being proved wrong at all. Have the courage to speak the truth and let the panel decide whether they want to select candidates who are credible, brave, have integrity or people who are willing to compromise, lack character and can be misleading and manipulative. In all probability, the panel will select the former as they show the courage to stand by their convictions and can be trusted rather than those who fashion their replies to win brownie points and often mislead people.

One of the things that candidates often resort to is accepting blindly whatever the panellists say, and adhering to their point of view, even though their own perspective might differ. The candidates are eager to toe the line rather than stand by their convictions. This, in fact, goes against them. A candidate who is genuine in his/ her replies will fear nothing and this would reflect even in his/ her body language and confidence.

The interviewers understand that you are nervous and would make mistakes. They are ready to accept that but they are never ready to absorb lies and any kind of pretensions. It is always better to be genuine in your answers and keep your character and integrity intact rather than pretend what you are not in front of the panel.

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