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Language plays a significant role in our lives and expertise of any language is the key to proficient communication. Talking about English language in specific, it is spoken everywhere in the world today and has become all the more significant means of communication in the present era of globalisation. Considering the importance that it holds in each sphere of the society these days, MBA candidates too, are assessed on their knowledge of it.


With most MBA programmes being taught in English, the MBA entrance exams require you to obtain a minimum score in language proficiency. This enables the Business Schools to gauge your ability to comprehend, write and communicate effectively in English. Please note, having excellent command over the language does not mean being grammatically correct at all times. One of the most essential factors is the correct effective use of the language in spoken and written form.


Various MBA entrance exams assess you on language skills because English has emerged as a universal language over a period of time. Furthermore, with the advent of the internet, because of which the world has come closer than ever, you can conduct international business transactions from any part of the world, with great ease. English being the primary language used on the worldwide web, becomes important from that perspective too.


It has become imperative for executives and managers to be able to communicate with each other in fluent English today. Business houses have their websites in English in order to reach a larger client base. Companies all over the world are able to do business with each other due to the use of one common language - English.


The number of international companies that use English to communicate is also continuously on the rise, even the ones that started in non-English speaking countries. In order to communicate with these companies for a job application or an important negotiation, it is crucial to have mastery over the English language. Having English language proficiency opens up a plethora of opportunities for you; be it with a corporate giant, or taking your business to greater heights, or even applying for a job outside of the country.


Your written and comprehension abilities will be tested in the MBA entrance exam, after which, you may also be required to clear the next round of probable group discussions where your capability of being heard and understood in English and assume leadership in a discussion will be assessed. Then, inevitably, there will be a one-on-one interaction with the selectors. Here is where it would be absolutely essential to have a good command over the language as it would impossible to hide your shortcomings in such a setting.


A good orator is not only able to speak confidently but is also able to drive home the point assertively. Clarity of thought and confident speaking are the important aspects of leading a team successfully. These are a few of the qualities that business houses and a corporates expect from their management team members.


Not only in MBA entrance examinations, you will be assessed time and time again on all these parameters in your professional life too.


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