XAT 2022: Are you ready to compete?

XAT Exam Date: 02, January, 2022

XAT aspirants who are appearing in XAT 2022 on 02, January 2022 may find that this exam will be different from other exams hence; you should understand the pattern of exam and be ready to compete in XAT 2022:
The first step for a focused XAT 2022 preparation is to understand the XAT exam paper pattern. The most important thing is to keep looking for changes in the pattern of XAT 2022 exam.
XAT 2022 paper pattern can be gauged from XAT sample papers. They are a good way for getting familiar with the kind of questions that are expected to be in XAT 2022.
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 Divide questions into different categories
This is one important thing to do while preparing for XAT 2022.You should divide the questions into different categories ranging from easy to moderate to difficult. This method could be adopted while preparing for any competitive exam as well.
One of the important preparations step should be to categorize the lessons or topics into two broad categories, i.e. easy and difficult. Chapters under these categories would be different for different individuals. This will give you a clearer picture of chapters that need more focus and the ones that need expertise.
 Flexible Strategy
While all students are busy designing their own strategy for XAT 2022, it is important to note that the paper is designed to have some element that is new. The whole idea behind having something different about the paper each year is to have an idea of the candidate’s ability to manage change. Have a strategy that has room for last minute changes.
With the above pointers in mind while preparing for XAT 2022, a candidate needs to have the right strategy, 70% accuracy and confidence on himself and his preparation. XAT registration last date is still far and so is the examination. So if you are still planning a strategy for XAT 2022, do incorporate the points mentioned above.
Focus areas
XAT primarily tests three areas –
1.Your decision making abilities,
2.Working under pressure and deadlines, and
3.The ability to capitalize on ones' strengths.
The above-mentioned qualities are prerequisites for a good manager and a part and parcel of every manager's life. Hence, if you look at the questions asked, they are designed to test these qualities. Those who can demonstrate these qualities during the two hours are the ones who make it.

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