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Success Is Dependent Upon The Sweat Glands

XAT Exam Date 8th January 2023

XAT Essay, XAT Essay Preparation, XAT 2022

XAT 2023 will be conducted in January 2023, Sunday. The registration will start in September 2022 and end in November 2022.

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Success is dependent upon the sweat glands

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Sachin Tendulkar and Tiger Woods have become successful not by luck or destiny but by sheer hard work and the will to be the best. All successful people are ordinary beginners with some talent. They work hard on their talents over a period of time before they taste success.

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There can be no substitute for hard work. In any walk of life, be it professional or personal, in any profession, be it business or sports, hard work always produces positive results. A lazy person will find a thousand excuses to shirk work and while away his/her time and energy doing unnecessary things, convenient to him/her. But a hard working person will always find ways to do the work in the best possible manner, to achieve the desired results. A hard-working person will never shirk work and put in all his/her efforts in the work assigned to him/her.

Hard work is, thus, an attitude which defines a successful person. It can be nurtured by a strong will and the desire to succeed. A hard-working person fears nothing. Any work/situation, which poses a challenge, will be overcome by a person who is willing to work hard because such a person will persevere with the task till its logical end.Therefore, a hard-working person is necessarily confident, and this confidence, in turn, feeds success.

Dedication and discipline are the hallmarks of successful person. Such a person is dedicated to his goals, which makes him/her work hard and sweat it out in order to achieve his/her goals. A sportsperson, for instance, practices hard to improve all the time, even sacrificing things dear to him/her to achieve glory. The dedication towards his/her game enables him/her to work hard and challenge the limits of human achievements. With dedication comes discipline, which is another important aspect of hard work. Discipline enables a person to work tirelessly towards attaining the goals and be successful.

Any success achieved without hard work is short-lived because it is not established on strong grounds and might appear as a fluke. On the other hand, success founded upon hard work is more pleasurable and long lasting. This is because while working hard or toiling over a long period of time, a person tends to perfect those processes or regimens which are crucial for success and is also equipped to tackle all situations. The person is aware that nobody can take the ability to work hard away from him/her because he/she has earned it.

It is, thus, rightly said that, the fruits of hard work are sweet. Therefore, success will come to those who work hard

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