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XAT Mock Test: Why is Mock Test Important? Read, Solve and Answer

XAT Exam Date 8th January 2023

XAT Mock Test – Read, Solve, Answer, and Click!

As November will ends, it will be a  time to gear up for the next big thing – XAT 2023

With only FIVE Sundays remaining to 02,January 2022 it is time to shift gears and place yourself in the XAT mode. Here is what you can expect with the XAT 2022 paper pattern:


XAT Exam 2022 Sections

No. of Questions

XAT Exam 2022 Marking Scheme

Level Of Difficulty


Marks per Correct Question

Negative Marking

Maximum Marks

Decision Making





Moderate to Difficult

Verbal & Logical Ability





Moderate to Very Difficult

Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation





Moderate to Difficult

General Knowledge





Moderate to Difficult






It is interesting to note that there is no negative marking in GK of the XAT 2023 exam but for the remaining three sections.


What are the Things to Keep in Mind while Preparing for XAT 2023 Exam?

Apart from working on your fundamentals and concepts and going through previous year XAT exam papers, you must write XAT Mock Test.

Why is Mock Test Important?

The XAT Mock Test is a replica of what the actual XAT 2022 would look like – pattern-wise. Some advantages of writing the mock tests are:

1.    NO Fear of Unknown: Writing a mock helps you familiarise with the exam pattern. You get a good understanding of the number of questions, types of passages or cases that are likely to be asked of you in the actual exam.

2.    Practice Makes Everything Perfect: Mocks are an excellent way to practice and get used to the whole exam-type setup.

3.    Strategize and Analyse: By attempting the mock test that technically mimics the actual exam helps you devise strategies to try questions judiciously and wisely. The score will let you analyze and assess where you stand preparation-wise.

4.    Master the Time: Writing mocks helps you to manage your time while you attempt the actual XAT exam. Other than the amount of time you spend reading and solving a question, it is imperative to keep in account the time you spend moving back and forth during the exam since it is an online exam. You have options to mark answers and then come back to review and submit them.

5.    Be Confident: Your confidence is directly proportional to the number of mocks you write or the questions you solve.

What are the Things to Keep in Mind while Writing XAT Mock Test?

Keep the following things in mind while attempting the XAT mock tests:

1.    You must read the exam instructions very carefully.

2.    Make sure you have a reliable and uninterrupted internet connection every time you sit to write a mock test.

3.    Stay true to yourself. Avoid copying and pasting questions to find answers online because you might get tempted to do it while writing the mock test.

4.     Try to mimic exam-like scenario and write your mock test where there are no external disturbances.

5.    You can keep a rough paper with yourself, although in the final examination you cannot carry anything apart from you XAT Admit Card and Photo-Id proof.

6.    Analyze your mock test score carefully and try to follow-up on your low scoring areas. Also, use them as an opportunity to find quicker and smarter solutions to already solved questions.

How can I access mock tests for XAT?

Accessing mock tests is an easy task. You can visit XLRI to get to know the exam pattern first. You can take support of the following resources for having access to the XAT mock tests: 

What are the available free mock tests for XAT?

Some of the sources from which you can access the free XAT mock tests are: 

Is there an official XAT mock test provided by XLRI?

To guide rightly about the XAT exam pattern, XLRI releases its full-length mock tests. It offers a clearer picture to the candidate as to how they need to approach the exam.  

How can I access XAT Mock tests from CRACKU?

Cracku offers its series of XAT mocks in a paid version. These different sets of mocks offer the candidates a great opportunity to work on their calculations and learn time management plus speed enhancement. 

How do I access IMS XAT mocks?

Visit IMS, one of the top coaching facilities for preparing for MBA entrance exams. This website offers test series with a similar format for non-CAT exams as well. You can practice aptitude questions and other exam-related questions here.

How do I access TIME XAT mocks?

Visit the official TIME page and navigate through the section of MBA exam preparation, where you can find the non-CAT series. It offers a basic as well as advanced test series for XAT priced at @₹600 and ₹950, respectively. Right from building concepts to learning the art of time management and eliminating mistakes, this test series is all you need.

How do I access CRACKU XAT mocks?

It is available to access on Cracku, which is the section dedicated to XAT and MBA entrance exam preparations. 

How do I access Career Launcher XAT mocks?

Career Launcher has its non-CAT test series, which offers dedicated mock tests updated as per the latest pattern for XAT. These mock tests offer an edgier preparation to the candidate in all the cores of the XAT examination.

How do I access XAT free mock tests from CATking?

CATKing is another renowned platform for offering free mock tests for MBA entrance exam preparations. CATKing has its free XAT mock test series dedicated to helping students for the exam.

How do I access Unacademy XAT mock tests?

It is available to access on the official page of Unacademy for XAT preparations. First, you need to enroll, register yourself or log in.

How do I access Learn4Exam XAT mocks?

Learn4exam includes a section dedicated to test series where it also provides practice tests for exams other than the CAT. These test series make XAT preparation simple.

How do I access XAT free mock tests from Unacademy?

You can have access to the free XAT Mock test by Unacademy. All you need to do is to register yourself or log in using your credentials to proceed.

How do I access Oliveboard XAT mocks?

Visit Oliveboard to access the free XAT Mock test to crack the exam and ace your preparations. It offers 10 XAT mock tests.

How do I access Iquanta XAT mock tests?

XAT mock tests and previous year question papers with various sections are available on the website of iQuanta.

How can I access XAT questions for practice?

 From Cracku to Career Launcher and Unacademy, you can have access to different sources for XAT mock test series and multiply your chances of cracking the XAT by 99.9%.

What kinds of questions are asked in XAT?

XAT is a computer-based examination that is divided into five sections, namely Decision Making, Verbal & Logical Ability, Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation, General Knowledge, and Essay Writing. 

The types of questions being asked in different sections differ. Topics like data arrangement tests fall in the decision-making section, whereas topics like a binomial theorem and inequalities fall in the quant and data interpretation section. Others are vocabulary-based questions and current affairs.

How should I prepare for XAT quant questions?

The top-most shortcut or mantra to solving the quant section in the XAT examination is to be pro at mental calculations. This would save you time, and you will be able to speed up your calculations. To ease your time and efforts, mug up the tables and learn square roots up to 100.

How should I prepare for XAT arithmetic questions?

This section of XAT deals with topics like ratios and proportions, percentages, and averages. You have to attempt these questions given in a tabular form. To solve these questions speedily, you have to be quick and focused. 

To be prepared for the same, work thoroughly on basics and devise shortcuts for getting the answers quickly. Keep working on the previous year's papers and attempt as many mock tests as you can.

How should I prepare for XAT English questions?

The reading comprehension section of the XAT is a highly-inference section that is based on complex poems and truly tests the vocabulary. To approach this section with utter expertise, you need to work on your English, enhance your vocabulary, and keep solving previous years' papers.

How should I prepare for XAT verbal ability questions?

Keep building your vocabulary and read widely, from English novels to newspapers and everything in between. Do rigorous practice of reading comprehension by solving 4-5 previous year papers. Work on questions of sentence corrections, solve para jumbles, and practice critical reasoning too. Keep taking mock tests for enhanced preparations.

How should I prepare for XAT logical reasoning questions?

This requires a strategic approach and consistent practice. Though XAT asks less of LR, it does include some critical reasoning questions which aren't asked in the CAT. To master LR, you need to understand the different types of questions, learn the basics and work on shortcut techniques and enhance your analytical skills.

 To rightly practice time management, solve previous year's question papers, and develop your visual reasoning skills. Develop your area of decision-making and keep taking guidance to clarify doubts so that no effort is spared to crack this section of XAT.

How should I prepare for XAT-level questions?

This is going to be a fruit of hard work and some rigorous self-study. If you want a better output and ace the XAT, then you need to take guidance from renowned platforms and take classes to strengthen your conceptual understanding.

Work on your diverse skill set, such as analytical, logical, and critical thinking. Be calculative enough to come down to the right decision. Be consistent with your practice, and solve at least 6-7 previous year papers and mock tests.

How can I access XAT questions and answers?

You can have access to the XAT question and answer series at iQuanta. It is an excellent way of clarifying your doubts thereon. 

How can I access the previous year's papers for XAT?

You can visit the official page of XLRI for the previous year's papers of XAT.

How can I download the XAT 2022 question paper?

You can download the XAT 2022 question paper from CrackU.

How can I crack the XAT exam?

First, you need to understand that you have to attempt the examination with logic rather than assumptions. Go through the examination pattern and basics of the types of questions and rely more on your self-study and practice rather than merely attending the coaching classes. Solve previous year's papers and, for better focus and concentration, take guidance from esteemed publications of XAT.

Which mock test series is considered the best for XAT? 

Cracku offers the best series of XAT mocks.

Which are the best books for XAT 2023? 

Some of the best books for XAT preparations include: 

  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations; by R. S. Aggarwal

  • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension; by Ajay Singh

  • Analytical Reasoning; by MK Pandey 

  • Jabbing the XAT (with solved papers); by R.K. Jha

  • Lucent's General Knowledge 2024 by Dr. Binay Karna

Please Note: There are chances that the difficulty level of the mocks is higher or lower than the actual XAT exam. Use mock tests as a tool to analyze and understand what are your strengths and weakness and areas that need improvement. 

If you still haven’t registered for XAT 2023 exam, please click here and register on or before November 2022.    


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