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What is Artificial Language in LR?

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What is Artificial Language in LR?

The Logical Reasoning section is a test of your analytical, critical and logical skills. It compels you to go beyond the literal and the expected and puts you in unfamiliar territory. In this sense, questions on artificial language are expected to challenge your mind to see if it can anticipate questions that are not so obvious. These questions have a sense of mystery attached to them and appear to be coded, so that the message remains confidential. Intelligence agencies, in particular, use this language to convey information cryptically.

Artificial language, as the name suggests, is a man-made creation to replicate the logical thinking process in the humans. It is based on signal, used to convey a message between the sender and receiver without anyone else knowing it. In LR, in this section, questions are made of an artificial language or numbers which the aspirants need to decode.


The following steps will help you decode the artificial language and arrive at the correct answer.

1. Break the given words in the artificial language and English into smaller parts, and try to ascertain the translations for every word or letter and assign the corresponding English word or letter.

For instance, ‘What would ‘aftercare’ mean if relfpaga means carefree,   obpaga means careful and ferpaga means careless?                                                                                

a. zenpaga       b. pagafer

c. pagazen       d. relffer

Explanation- In this language, the root word paga comes in all three, clearly means care, and follows the affix (relf,o-,or fer-). Therefore, in the word aftercare, the root word and the affix would be reversed in the artificial language. The correct answer, hence, is pagazen.

What we have done here is to break down the English words and look for common words. This will give help assign one word for that common word. Once, we know this, we can go ahead to decode other words as well.

2. Eliminate choices with wrong translations and/or wrong order of appearance of words

For instance, Which of the following would mean happiness, if jalkapomti means happy birthday, pomtihoze means birthday party  and mentogunn means goodness?

a. jalkagunn    b. mentohoze

c. pomtihoze   d. hozemento

Explanation- In the artificial language, the phrase ‘pomti’ is common between ‘happy birthday’ and ‘birthday party’ and therefore, it refers to ‘birthday’. Hence, ‘jalka’ means happy. There is only one option with this phrase. So the correct answer is jalkagunn.

There is no trick to do these questions but an application of common sense. You should be able to work your way through the given language and its corresponding English words or sentences. The idea is to assign an English word to each word in the artificial language. Once you do this, identifying the answer becomes easy.


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