Outshining in competition requires you to become a fighter!

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The CAT exam tests an individual on all levels- physical, emotional, psychological. It is a race not just with other competitors but most importantly, with yourself. Given that it is the most crucial exam of your life, it creates a lot of pressure as a lot depends on how well you fare in this exam. You need to mould yourself in the image of a fighter, and inculcate the qualities of a fighter in you.

Latest Update:  IIMs has announced the CAT 2022 exam date i.e., in November 27,  2022. Detailed notification for CAT 2022 are released on July 31,  2022.

Be Prepar2ed

A fighter never leaves anything to chance. He/ she is prepared to tackle any and every challenge that comes his/ her way. The key to his/ her confidence is preparation. A fighter will devote himself/ herself completely to the task at hand, cover all grounds as far as preparation goes and even walk the extra mile. This sets him/ her apart from the rest of the aspirants and increases the chance to succeed in the exam. The aspirants going for CAT exam.

Be Ruthless

A fighter is ruthless in his/ her approach and is tough on himself/ herself. To outshine others, you need to develop this ruthlessness within you that will make you push harder than what you normally would do.

Don't Fear Competition

True fighters don’t fear competition. They are in competition with themselves. Once you start fearing your competitors, you will not be able to do what you have to do to succeed instead, will waste your energy and time fussing about what your competitor may be doing. Thousands of aspirants will take the CAT exam with you, with each of them vying for that coveted call. You can either get scared of this and feel nervous or motivate yourself to be the best that you can be.

Don't Compromise

Fighters don’t compromise with the things they need to do to achieve their goals. Similarly, you should not compromise on your goals and the path that you choose to get to them. This may mean adhering to a set schedule without fail, even if it is quite taxing, cutting down on your social life and removing all distractions that take your focus away from your target. Do not compromise on your regimen.

Be Confident

There is nothing like confidence to boost yourself. A person who is not confident will be beset with doubts and uncertainties, whereas a confident person will be assured of himself/ herself, will have an optimistic mindset and feel good about himself/ herself. This will directly translate into a healthy mindset which will help you in the exam. For CAT aspirants, confidence will come from their level of preparation and their belief in themselves.

Never Say Die

Fighting spirit is synonymous with a fighter. A fighter never gives up. He/ she

Is relentless in his/ her pursuit of his goals. A CAT aspirant needs to have a relentless spirit and not bow down to challenges and hurdles which are sure to come his/ her way. His/ her position and achievements depend on the hunger he/ she has to march on.

Thus, it is not so much about competitors but about what you want to do with your lives and how hungry you are to succeed. Imbibing the traits of a fighter will surely help you respond to challenges better and become tough and improved human beings.  

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