Preparing and Revising Quant in the last hour

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Preparing and Revising Quant in the last hour

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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CAT 2023 will be held in November 2023. It is very usual for students to get panicked before the exams, especially in the last month of the preparation. But, it is important to maintain your cool during this period because this time is very vital.

You can learn what you have left during the earlier stage of preparation and revise almost whole of your syllabus.
You just need to maintain a schedule and keep track of time day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute. Use this precious time as if this is all you have got !
Here are few tips to follow in this scenario for Quantitative Section:
•Revise the basic formulas
Instead of mugging-up hard and complex formulas, you should concentrate on revising basic formulas that are the building blocks of complex formulas. For instance, you should always remember that 1 + 2 + 3 + … = n(n+1)/2 or (a+b)2 = a2 + 2ab + b2. 
•No new formula
You should avoid getting into any new formula that you have not heard of. It will only slow down your pace.
•Revise your mock papers
Go through all the mocks that you have solved. Try solving the sums in different ways that you have solved easily in the first goand those which you were not able to solve, have a look at their solution and try to gain insight about how to solve them with the formulas you already are well aware of.
•Don’t follow explanatory answers blindly
You should try to solve questions on your own, rather than following explanatory answers because that will confuse you with the formulas you know and the one they will use to solve the same question. 
•Solve previous CAT papers
This is also a good way of gaining confidence. You should have a look at the questions you can solve on own and refer the rest from the explanatory answers and, as explained before, don’t follow them blindly but, just analyze where were you falling short from solving the questions.
•Continue giving Mocks
This is the time when mocks will actually help you understand what area of questions you should start with and which one to avoid for saving time.
You should follow these tips but, always remember that CAT does not repeat questions. However, by solving these previous year and mock questions you will have a better idea about the methods used to solve CAT sums which will improve with every revise session. Clcik Here for CAT Application Form

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