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You got to be cat to strike accurately in CAT

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CAT Exam

You got to be cat to strike accurately in CAT

CAT 2023 will be held in November, 2023.  For all of you who aspire to crack CAT 2023, we are suggesting some important tips.

The CAT exam is round the corner and all aspirants must be engaged in tying the loose ends and mastering the subject matter. In their preparation for the CAT, assuming the attributes of a cat will help them achieve their goals. There is a lot that the human beings can learn from the animal kingdom and these furry animals, certainly, have a lot of traits that can be incorporated by human beings in their own lives to improve themselves.


The one attribute that distinguishes cats from other animals and that all CAT aspirants need to imbibe is inquisitiveness. Cats are curious creatures. They love poking their paws in boxes and squeezing into tight places. They are territorial creatures and it is extremely important for a cat to know everything about their territory. Similarly, all MBA aspirants, too, must be inquisitive to learn and know more about the course, the exam and everything that they ought to know. It is curiosity that will drive them and make them hungry for more knowledge, better results and so on. It will also save them from boredom, which may creep in from time to time.

Smart and Intelligence

Cats are highly intelligent creatures. The inquisitive minds of cats have a need to understand the world around them. Cats’ curiosity is their way of seeking answers to things around them. They are capable of solving problems, adapt to their environment and acquire new behaviour that applies previously learned knowledge to new situations, communicating needs and responding to training cues. CAT aspirants must be intelligent and smart in tackling problems that come in the exam. They need to be well prepared and know which questions to do and which to leave, to gain maximum results out of the exam. Without intelligence, an aspirant will find it very difficult to excel in the exam.

Be determined

CAT aspirants need to be determined in their pursuit of success to crack the CAT exam, just as cats are. For instance, if you hide something from a cat and it doesn't know about it, it's quite easy to stop it from getting it but if a cat figures out that it likes something and decides to get it, It's almost impossible. They will work for what they want. You should also ascertain your dream and work hard towards fulfilling it.

Adequate rest

According to conservative estimates, cats usually sleep for 15 hours a day. Obviously, aspirants cannot sleep so much, otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to cover the syllabus and would surely miss out. However, what humans should learn from cats is the importance of adequate rest to re-energise oneself. Often, in the midst of preparation and anxiety, aspirants do not rest properly, which could affect their performance severely. A well- rested body translates into a healthy and fresh mind, which translates into a good performance.

Clearly, to bell the CAT, the aspirants need to imbibe some of the characteristics of a cat to put forth their best performance.

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