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CMAT : Exam Trend Analysis

CMAT Exam Date: 4th May 2023

CMAT : Exam Trend Analysis
There is a lot of enthusiasm around the CMAT, but the test can be described as fairly easy in terms of the intricacy of questions and the difficulty of concepts tested. 
As per the feedbacks of past test takers across the country, the test difficulty was more or less consistent throughout the exam with the level of difficulty being close to that of other exams.
Last time, it was estimated that over 70000+ aspirants appeared the test across 60 cities in India. 
In CMAT the stipulated time of 3 hours is more than sufficient for the 100 questions that appeared.  The options for the questions were also not at all close; in most cases only one or in very few cases 2 options seemed plausible.
• The overall level of difficulty of the questions in Quantitative Aptitude &Data Interpretation Section was easy to moderate. 
• The only unique feature of the section was that it had all single questions and no set based ones. 
• On an average, there were 2-3 questions in this section which were slightly tricky. 
• Questions based on Arithmetic (i.e. ratios, mixtures, work, averages, profit &loss, basic statistics etc.) dominated this section. 
• Other prominent topics tested in the paper included Number properties, Probability and Counting principles with an odd question in Geometry and Derivatives (i.e. Maxima –Minima). 
• Questions on Data Interpretation (Table and pie-chart) required very basic calculation skills. 
• This section had a good mix of topics with only single questions
• Major topics covered included:
Arrangements (i.e. Linear, Seating, Sequencing, and Arranging with Conditions)
Logical Puzzle
Numerical Puzzle
Venn diagram
True/False statements
Visual Reasoning etc.
• This section also included verbal reasoning questions based on Syllogisms and Critical reasoning. 
• The level of difficulty of this section was overall on the easier side.
• The Verbal section of CMAT was a cakewalk with no lengthy RC passages and no difficult word based questions. 
• Instead of full length RCs, there were short passages of two or three lines, each followed by a single question.
• Most of these questions were word or phrase based.
• Grammar based questions tested simple concepts, 
• The vocabulary based questions were also easy for any student. 
• There were critical reasoning questions but they tested simple logic and could be tackled by any student with average reasoning ability as well. 
• There were also word based questions like synonyms and meaning of idiomatic expression. 
• Fill in the blank questions were also presented in various formats.
• The General Awareness section was the tricky section for a lot of students, and also 
• Also, probably the game-changer as all the questions in the section was doable for students updated on the recent happenings in India and worldwide. 
• Most of the questions were on current affairs, science, biology, political history, political geography and arts and letters.

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