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CMAT General Awareness Section is Important in CMAT

CMAT Exam Date: 4th May 2023

Section is Important in CMAT
MBA aspirants should note that General Awareness Section will be  important  in coming CMAT Test which will be conducted in April 2023
General Awareness section is always a stumbling step that or a road block for many students across competitive examinations. Similarly, for the aspirants of CMAT 2023, the section of general awareness which deals with current affair as well as historic moments of domestic and international events could prove to be a speed breaker in their smooth journey towards cracking the exam. 
The general awareness section in CMAT 2023 will have 25 questions to check the intelligence of the aspirants. For those who have prepared for it throughout their preparation routine, it will be a potential high scoring section. 
However, students who have not been actively involved in the GK preparation do not need to lose hope; you may follow the following tips to strengthen your general awareness level:
•Join CMAT test series/mock tests to familiarise yourself with the level of difficulty 
•Once joined the mock test series, identify your strengths and weaknesses in this section by monitoring and analyzing your test attempt after attempt
•One vital thing to keep in mind is that taking the mock CMAT is not that essential but to analyze your performance
•While comparing the results, prepare a separate note to list all the new general awareness points
•The latest happening around the world should not be taken lightly and you need to concentrate on every event of politics, sports, economy, books, awards, titles, etc.
•To know the latest happenings, read English newspapers daily
You may divide the general awareness section into two parts – 
ï‚®Current affairs, for which you need to be aware of the major happenings of the last six months 
ï‚®Static general knowledge for which the most important thing is to read up on everything and satisfy your thirst for knowledge
•You also may make a list of commonly asked things in static GK after reading mock papers such as awards, books, ministers, capitals and governors of Indian states and Indian history etc.
•Now that the CMAT 2023 is so near, you can attempt numerous free online tests for GK to expose yourself to many facts and figures of general awareness
•You can give at least two hours daily to preare for this section as neglecting this section could affect your overall performance and ranking

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