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CMAT 2023: Reason Logically in the Logical Reasoning Section

CMAT Exam Date: May 2024

Logical Reasoning Section
Logical Reasoning section in CMAT 2023 will have 20 questions in it. This section is basically designed to judge the reasoning ability of the aspirants. Reasoning is a quality that no one can develop overnight; however, it is present in almost every one and aspirants, who aspire to be a manager one day, need to polish them only. 
This basic understanding of the fundamental behind this section will help the students in applying correct logic and solve the questions in this section of Logical Reasoning.
If we talk about the syllabus of this section, there is no any written rule or guideline; however, after the in-depth analysis of the previous year question papers, experts state the following vital topics to be covered while preparing for this section:
Critical Reasoning: this includes questions based on Assumption-premise-conclusion, Assertion and Reason based questions, Statements and Assumptions, Strong and Weak Arguments, Inference based questions, Cause and Effect based problems, etc.
Visual Reasoning: It will have Linear Arrangements question, Family tree problems, Symbol based problems, Coding and De coding questions, Sequencing problems, Series problems, Blood Relations, Direction sense questions, etc.

Tips for improving Reasoning Ability:

Understanding the Concept

Before beginning the practice of this section, you need to understand the basic concept of reasoning and logic. For instance, if you want to solve questions based up on Statements and Assumptions, then, first understand what is a statement? And what is an assumption? 
Then only you will be able to differentiate between a statement and an assumption. This becomes all the more important as there is no formula as such that could help you in understanding what logical reasoning is.

Question yourself and clear you query

When you attempt a question based on Logical Reasoning and you get wrong, do find the logic behind the correct answer. Question yourself whether you are satisfied with your understanding or not?
If not, it is better to consult your mentor or discuss your queries with your study group and friends, rather than keeping it for the examination hall

Practice is the key

Logical Reasoning, as we discussed earlier, cannot be developed overnight; that is the reason why, you need to understand and solve logical reasoning question frequently to easily identify with the question when appearing for the final exam.

Introspection after in-depth Analysis

Once you have attempted a practise test of CMAT, you need to analyze the test result and compare it with the previous results. This will help you in understanding whether you have made any progress meanwhile. 
You will be well aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Thus, analysis and introspection will play an important part in assisting you throughout the preparation course.

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