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CMAT 2023: Logical Reasoning

CMAT Exam Date: 4th May 2023

CMAT 2023
MBA aspirants who are appearing in CMAT 2023 which will be conducted in April 2023 may find following useful in Logical Reasoning section

Logical Reasoning

The passage given below is followed by a question. Choose the most appropriate answer to the Question.
Homework helps students both inside and outside the class. Homework reinforces their understanding of what was taught in class. Along with that, homework is a valuable tool for the teacher. It gives the teacher an opportunity to measure her students' academic success and knowledge. Homework teaches responsibility. Coming home from school every day and having to do homework makes students less forgetful because it creates a routine for them.
Which of the following statements, if true, weakens the argument above?
(a) Students cannot learn at the hands of their parents what they are unable to learn in 7 hours at school in the care of trained teachers.
(b) Teachers have other tools of evaluation at their disposal, apart from homework, to measure a student's knowledge.
(c) Students often use guide books to do their homework or blindly copy the homework done by their classmates, thus defeating the very purpose of a homework assignment.
(d) Some students are so bright that they do not require reinforcing or strengthening their
understanding of what was taught in the class.

Solution  is C & following is the Explanation 

The argument here is that homework is good for students as it helps them both inside and outside the class and teaches them responsibility. Also, it is a tool to measure a student’s academic success and knowledge. 
• Option (a) is incorrect as it assumes that the purpose of homework is to learn from their parents something that the students did not learn in school. However, this assumption cannot be made from the above passage. Also, the argument states that homework serves as a valuable tool for measuring a student’s academic success and knowledge (by the teacher)
• But the presence of other tools of evaluation does not undermine the value of homework. So, option (b) is also incorrect. 
• Option (d) is incorrect as the fact that some students are so bright that they do not need homework does not mean that it is of no use at all in reinforcing or strengthening their understanding. 
• The argument is only weakened by option (c). The fact that students use dubious methods such as referring to guide books and copying from others means that homework does not serve its rightful purpose (reinstating students’ understanding).

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