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CMAT Exam Date: March 2023 (Tentative)

CMAT Preparation

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MBA aspirants who are appearing for CMAT Exam which will be conducted in April 2023, may note the following advice from Experts: 

Strategize when and what to Quit:

Previous trends of CMAT has given ample time to the aspirants to read and do all the questions, still many complained that they were not able to solve quite lot of questions. This happened because students don’t focus on the strategy of identifying and leaving speed breaker questions. 

You should always keep it in mind that solving a question should not become an ego issue. If you have spent considerable time on a problem to no avail, leave it and go ahead. You can always come back to it later if you have time left. There are many easier questions ahead, waiting to be capitalized upon.

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Weigh your options by reading them carefully:

Never make the mistake of attempting a question without reading the options. Sometimes, the options are such that solving the question may not even be required. You can safely eliminate some of the options based on pure logic and common sense especially in Quantitative and English Usage questions. Some students solve the question first and then check the options only to re-confirm their answer. While this is reassuring, it also leads to wastage of precious time. 

Keep your nerve and be calm:

Having said that, remember that you only have control over what you do in the exam hall. The outcome, once you are out of the hall, is dependent on various factors. So, do not bother about what will happen or what should not happen in the exam. Just breathe easy and get prepared for attempting the second round of the exam.

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