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Politicization of scams will produce more scamsters.

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Politicization of scams will produce more scamsters

After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Group Discussion and now it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.

Read and develop points for discussion for GD Topic :  Politicization of scams will produce more scamsters

Politicization and politics are two different things. While politics is in itself integral to democracy and encourages debates among political parties, politicization has negative connotations. The act of giving a political colour to an event, extracting political mileage out of an event and trying to appropriate an event for selfish benefits is what politicization stands for. The way political parties in India are quick to politicise issues to pin their opponents down reflect a deep malaise which is exploited by fraudsters and scamsters for their benefit. 

Scams become a spectacle

Scams are very serious breaches of trust that the people of India have in their government, financial institutions and the system. The system should be made absolutely safe and secure in the first place to deter people from even thinking of any cheating and fraud. But, in the scenario that scams do take place, the fallout should be handled with alacrity and care, rather than turning it into a spectacle and eroding the seriousness involved. Once scams become spectacles and political parties smell an opportunity to attack their opposition, the focus shifts from the fraud and the people who commit it and is turned into a duel between different political groups and ideologies.  

Mud-slinging leads nowhere

The politicization of a scam only leads to mud-slinging among different political groups and affiliations. The blame game, as one group puts the onus of the scam on its opposition and vice versa, leads nowhere and gives a breather to the scamsters, who then plot their escape with their accomplices. 

Scamsters take refuge in the politicization

The politicization of scams also helps the scamsters not only to divert attention from themselves but also exploit their connections across various political dispensations and hide from the law for as long as they can, or even flee from the country. The recent cases of scams involving highly influential and well-connected people underline this. The law enforcement agencies, too, are unable to carry out their investigation and bring the guilty to book. 

Fodder for media

The entire episode starting from the uncovering of the scam, coming to light of the scam, the actions of the investigative agencies, movements of the accused, gives the media enough fodder to keep the spectacle running for several days till the next scam or spectacle appears, after which, the former is conveniently forgotten. Scamsters, too, are aware of this, and know that the media’s lens is on them only till the next bit of news that can be dramatized and sensationalised, comes up. And, in a vast country like India, the probability of this happening remains ever so high. 

Defames the country

One disturbing fact that politicization of scams leads to is that it brings disrepute to the country and defames it internationally. The political slugfest shows the country in poor light. The world comes to know about how inefficient our systems are, how easy it is for someone to deceive and cheat the people of the country, its institutions, its government and its law. This only gives wings to the ambition of other such people, who get encouraged to implement their plans to cheat the country and make a fool of its institutions. 

Scams in India, rather than being politicized, should be looked at and dealt with as cases of national shame, condemned by all political groups unequivocally and the law must be allowed to catch hold of the guilty and punish them. Only when all groups across the spectrum come together on this, will these scamsters develop a fear of the law of the land.

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