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NMAT Notification: August 2023

NMAT Mock Test

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NMAT by GMAC 2023 exam will be conducted over a 75-day window starting from October  2023 to December  2023. It is time to start preparing for the NMAT exam with full strength. Graduate Management Admission Council TM helps NMAT 2023 aspirants prepare with ease. The NMAT by GMACTM preparation material is available on the official nmat.org.in website.

Before we go into further details, let us look at the NMAT 2023 exam pattern:

  1. NMAT 2023 exam is a speed-based exam with 120 questions in 120 minutes.
  2. There is no Negative Marking
  3. For every correct answer candidate can score +3 marks.
  4. There are three sections - Language Skills (36), Quantitative Skills (36), Logical Reasoning (36)
  5. There is sectional time limit - Language Skills (28 mins), Quantitative Skills (52 mins), Logical Reasoning (40 mins) and candidates can choose the order in which they want to attempt the sections.

NMAT by GMACTM Official Guide

  1. The official guide for NMAT by GMACTM  is available online for INR 899 on Amazon and Flipkart websites. The guide contains the following:
    1. Details of exam structure
    2. Discussion of concepts section-wise
    3. Relevant examples
    4. Useful tips & strategies
    5. 480 questions from previous NMAT years
    6. 240 new questions
    7. 625 practice questions
    8. The questions are available with detailed answers and explanations.
  2. Candidates also get an access code for NMAT by GMAC™ Official prep online practice exam.

NMAT by GMACTM Official Mock Exam

  1. Free Practice Exam
    1. Candidates can register for free practice exam here.
    2. The free NMAT mock test contains 120 questions.
    3. The pattern of the questions is similar to the actual NMAT by GMACTM exam.
    4. The exam can only be taken once but candidates get a chance to review the responses.
  2. Exam Pak for INR 499
    1. Candidates can purchase two more practice exams with detailed answers and explanations for INR 499 (plus applicable taxes).
    2. There are 240 questions which includes 120 official never-before-seen questions from past.
    3. NMAT sends the scaled scores for both the practice exams in the NMAT by GMACTM Exam Pack.
    4. Those appearing for the mock exam must use a notepad and pen as you get a reusable plastic notepad and pen during the actual NMAT exam.
  3. Advantage of Writing Practice Mocks
    1. The benefit of writing online Mock Exam by NMAT is that it provides a simulative experience to the candidates.
    2. The students get a clear picture of the exam pattern, time structure, sectional time limits, and difficulty level of the questions.
    3. This helps them to prepare better for the actual NMAT exam and devise a fool-proof strategy.
  4. System Requirements
    1. Click here to know about the basic system requirements for writing the NMAT mock exam.

A few things to keep in mind while writing the NMAT mock exam:

  1. Pre-plan a strategy and see if it works out when you write the mock test.
  2. Pre-decide the section you want to attempt first and see if it works.
  3. Try different approaches while solving the questions and check what works out.
  4. Analyze the NMAT mock exam carefully.
  5. Work on your weakness’ and the areas you keep making mistakes.
  6. Polish your strengths further.


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