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10 Days to CAT – Give it All You Have

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10 Days to CAT – Give it All You Have

The Final Countdown for the   CAT 2023 has started with only 10 days to go. Sunday, November, 2023, around two lakh students are going to appear for the CAT exam in around 147 cities across India.

This article is the fourth in a series of 3 Months to CAT, 2 Months to CAT 2023, and 1 Month to CAT. Here are seven charms that can work wonders for you as you take on CAT 2023 exam:

1. Set a Schedule

  • In the last 10 days make sure you align yourself based on your final day exam slot.
  • If you are giving the exam in slot 1, start waking up early so that according to your exam time (9 am – 12 noon) your body clock is adjusted and you are fresh.
  • If you are writing in the slot 2, make sure you set a schedule such that your maximum productivity is during the afternoon hours (2:30 pm – 5:30pm).
  • Having a set routine will make it much easier to tackle the time related stress on the day of the exam.

 2Blast from the Past

  • In the last 10 days, make sure you go through all the previous year CAT exam papers, especially the CAT 2023.
  • Previous years papers are the best means to understand the pattern of questions and their difficulty level.  
  • It is also advisable to pick 5-6 (or more) exam papers from 1990 till 2007. Until 2007, CAT was a paper based test and question papers are easily available online.
  • The DILR section has evolved in the last 5-10 years and the best way to familiarize you is to go through all questions in the previous years.

3. Nothing New!

  • Please! Do NOT start any new topic.
  • The time to pick a fresh topic which you have not studied until now should be avoided at this time.
  • Rather, spend time in refining your existing strengths.

4. Yes, MOCKing is Good.

  • In the last 10 days, give at least 5-6 mocks and note all your pitfalls.
  • Focus on your score and the number of questions you attempt when you write the mock test, rather than the percentile.

5. Trick & Treat

  • Brush up all your shortcuts and strategies for specific topics (especially QA).
  • Make sure all the formulae are on your tips. 
  • Memorize the conversions from fractions to decimals to percentages (and vice-versa) to quicken your calculations.
  • For numbers from 11 up to 50 – keep the squares, square roots, cubes, cube roots, and tables on your tips.

6. Set your Target

  • By now you should have a clear idea about your strong points and things that you dread of.
  • For every section, you should have a set target, as to the minimum number of questions you are going to attempt with 90-100% accuracy.
  • Here is a table about the ideal number of attempts you should be making in every section:





Ideal Number of Attempts




Total Number of Questions




7. Sleep like a Baby

  • Sleep is one of the most important things you can give yourself in these last 10 days.

8. If Not Now, Then Never

  • Remember, all that you have put in so far in terms of time, money, and efforts – was for November 2023. So give it all you have.

It is futile to panic at the eleventh hour. The best you can do is – give your best shot at it. Also, remember to familiarise yourself with the demo of the CAT exam navigation which is available online. Keep your CAT 2023 Admit Card and Photo-ID Proof ready, well in advance. All the best!

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