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CAT Mock Test and Navigation Guide

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CAT Mock Test and Navigation Guide

Click Here to Get Official CAT Mock Test and Navigation Guide

The official CAT mock test and navigation guide is available on https://iimcat.ac.in. We urge our students to go through them and understand the complete functionality. It is not advisable to use it on the exam day straight away because it will be confusing and time consuming. All the best!

It is time to pull up your socks and gear up for the exam of your life – CAT 2023. This article is third in series to 3 Months to CAT – Your Winning Strategy and 2 Months to CAT 2023 – A Week Wise Approach.

The CAT 2023 Admit Card will be available from  October 2023. With the CAT exam just a month away, the team at MBA Rendezvous has listed the A to Z of things of you must do in the last 30 days. Here you go:

Attempt at least 14 to 18 mock tests in the last one month. Analyse them thoroughly.

Brush up all the concepts – especially for the sections DILR and QA.

Consolidate your previous performances in the mocks and analyse your consistent areas.

Do not panic while you attempt your mock tests. It is important to keep your cool.

Encourage yourself to follow a routine that mimics your exam day and time slot schedule.

Focus on your accuracy and scores rather than the percentile when you give the final mocks.

Go through the areas that are your strengths and see how you can further improve your accuracy in them.

Highlight the areas that need improvement and have been low scorers. Do not waste time on them if you are not able to crack them.

Improve your accuracy while solving the questions.

Jot down your doubts and queries and clarify them with your mentor.

Keep clam and revise smartly.

Learn to play with your strengths because they will help you boost your score.

Make sure you revise all the formulae daily and they are on your tips. 

No new topics should be picked during this time. It will only confuse you.

Organize your day in a way you get time to pay attention on all the three sections.

Pick DL and LR sets one by one and time yourself every time you solve each set. Aim for 7-8 minutes per set.

Quarantine yourself during the last 2 to 3 weeks from any outside distraction.

Record the time you spend on QA questions. Aim for at least 6 to 7 questions in 10 to 11 minutes.

Set focus on Non-MCQ type questions. They need a different approach.

Time yourself whenever you attempt an RC. Make time in between breaks and solve VARC questions.

Use the virtual calculator to get the hang of it when you write the exam on final day.

View the demo of the CAT exam navigation and get yourself aquatinted with it.

Work on improving your calculation skills. Use a smart approach rather than a traditional one.

Xamine the previous year CAT papers without fail to get an idea about the difficulty level.

You need to BELIEVE in yourself and not lose confidence.

Zeal and zest is what you need to sustain yourself through the 3 hours of the CAT exam.

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