How to solve Statement Assumption questions in LR ?

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How to solve Statement  Assumption questions in LR ?

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Logical Reasoning is one of the most important sections in the exam. If you are able to score well in this section, you will be invariably end up with a good percentile. Among the various reasoning questions in this section, questions on Statement Assumptions will definitely test your reasoning skills.

1. Understanding the Terms

The first step to solve questions based on Statement, Assumption is to acquaint yourself with terms associated with such questions.

  • Statement Anything one says is a statement. But, in logic, a statement is either a meaningful declarative sentence that is either true or false, or that which a true or false declarative sentence asserts. There may be several ways of framing the same statement. For instance, ‘It is desirable to put a child in school around 3 or so.’

  • Assumption An assumption is an unstated premise that we take for valid or granted or that supports the conclusion. The assumption is stated implicitly and needs to be identified. For example, in the above statement, that ‘ it is desirable to put a child in school around 3 or so’, the assumption is that ‘At that age, the child reaches appropriate level of growth and development and is ready to learn.’

2. Type of Questions

Most questions of the Statement- Assumption type that come in the exam require the aspirants to test whether the statements are implied in the given statement or not. For instance,

Statement- If you are a teacher, we have a job for you.

Assumptions- i. We need a teacher.

                             ii. You are a teacher

A. Only assumption i is implicit

B. Only assumption ii is implicit

C. Either i or ii is implicit

D. Neither i nor ii is implicit

E. Both i and ii are implicit

A teacher is needed, hence the advertisement. So, the answer is A. Assumption ii is not implicit, even if you are a teacher.

3. Things to keep in mind

The idea is to identify the assumption of the author. To attempt these questions, you should keep your logic aside. This applies to most questions in the LR section. Also, do not bring in your own assumptions, especially when what is given is not common knowledge. Keep in mind that you need to identify the assumptions that the author believes to be true.

4. Ways to ascertain Assumption

The best way to ascertain whether a given statement is an assumption or not is to ask the question ‘why’. If it answers the question, then it is an assumption, otherwise not. For instance, in the statement, ‘if you are a teacher, we have a job for you’, ask yourself why is the advertisement done- the answer is because a teacher is needed. Assumptions cannot be exclusive in nature, which means, words like most, best, always, all and the like cannot be a part of assumptions. The statement and assumption have to be related to each other to be valid.


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