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Quant Will Definitely Be Troubleshooter In CAT 2022

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Quant will definitely be troubleshooter in CAT 2022

The CAT Exam has three sections, namely Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude. Each section makes different demands from the candidates. VARC, for instance, tests the language and comprehension skills of the candidates, DILR requires candidates to interpret data accurately and use calculations to arrive at the solution. Both these sections include a degree of unpredictability for the candidates. The candidates may not be able to crack VARC if they are not fluent in the language or may find words difficult to comprehend. Likewise, even after lengthy calculations, they may arrive at wrong answers in DILR or may interpret the data incorrectly. In these cases, it is the Quant section that will be a life saver for the candidates.

Certainty in Quant

There is an element of certainty in the Quantitative Aptitude section. It is possible to cover all the topics that usually come in the exam such as Algebra, Number System, Mensuration, Percentages, Averages, Ratio and Proportion and so on. Candidates know for sure that questions will be asked from the given portion only, just that the difficulty level may vary. So, they can prepare accordingly. It might be possible to predict the kind of questions to expect in Quant, but in VARC, it’s not possible to predict the kind and difficulty level of the passages for comprehension, in DILR, too, it may not be possible to predict the complexity of data to be interpreted and the type of calculations involved.

Clarity in Steps

Solving Quant questions requires the candidates to have a clarity of mind. These questions involve well-defined ways of getting to the solution and include application of formulae, principles and calculations. The candidates, who are thorough with all the relevant formulae and are clear with the process, would find Quant to be a very scoring section.

Equal opportunity

Each candidate has an equal opportunity to score well in the Quant section, unlike the other sections. There is a level playing field for all candidates. In other sections such as VARC, for instance, a candidate who is fluent in English and has good command on the language is likely to score well, whereas the candidates who lack this command are at a disadvantage. But, in Quant, each candidate has an equal opportunity. They can get better in the subject through practice. On the other hand, language acquisition takes time and cannot be done overnight. So, Quant can be a saviour for candidates who get stuck in sections like VARC.

Trend of Easy Quant

To provide a level playing field to all candidates, especially ones with non-engineering background or non-maths background, who may not be as skilled in Maths, the level of difficulty of Quant is quite reasonable. The shift in emphasis to communication and analysis means the other two sections get more attention. Also, institutes want diversity in the campus to establish a healthy and holistic environment. By scaling down the pressure associated with Quant, non-maths candidates too have a bright hope now. Thus, candidates can look at Quant as a troubleshooter if they get stuck in those two sections.

The nature and function of Quant makes it a troubleshooter for candidates in CAT 2022.

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