NMAT by GMAC 2022 Exam: Important Things to Keep in Mind

NMAT Exam: 10th Oct - 19th Dec 2022

NMAT 2022 Exam

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What is NMAT 2022 exam?

  1. NMAT 2022 is a multiple-choice questions-based exam with 108 questions in 120 minutes.
  2. It is conducted at a national level in India and international level in four countries – Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.
  3. NMAT exam is conducted by Graduate Management Global Connection (India) Private Limited (GMGC), a subsidiary of GMAC.
  4. The exam registration dates for NMAT 2022 are August 1, 2022, to October 10, 2022 on mba.com/nmat.
  5. It will be conducted over a 75-day window from October 10, 2022 to  December 19, 2022.
  6. The NMAT 2022 registration will start in August 1, 2022. Click here to check all important dates related to NMAT by GMACTM 2022 exam.

Here are some important things regarding NMAT exam and reasons why it is a popular exam among students:

Give Exam as per Convenience

  1. Candidates can appear for the NMAT 2022 exam as per their convenience anytime between the 75-day window from  October 10, 2022  to  December 19,  2022.
  2. Students can re-schedule NMAT exam, but no later than 72 hours before the scheduled date of the test to a different date, time or test center (subject to availability) by paying the applicable fee of INR 1000 + Applicable taxes.

Appear Multiple Times for NMAT Exam

  1. Candidates can appear for the NMAT 2022 exam up to THREE times, i.e. write the exam once and then re-take it two more times. This gives a chance to improve upon scores.

No Negative Marking

  1. There is no negative marking in NMAT 2022 exam; thus, the candidates feel no pressure while making any last minute educated guess.

Increased Number of NMAT 2022 Test Centers

  1. In the last two to three years, the number of NMAT test venues have increased by 20 new centers.
  2. The NMAT 2022 exam will be conducted in 58 test centers across more than 44 cities in India.
  3. NMAT 2022 exam will be conducted in 4 international test centers located in Nepal (Katmandu), Bangladesh (Dhaka), Sri Lanka (Colombo), and Bhutan (Thimpu).

NMAT 2022 Accepting Institutes

  1. The NMAT 2022 score will be accepted by 47 management institutes and universities across four countries – India (30), Nigeria (5), South Africa (7) and the Philippines (5).

Additional Payment Options

  1. NMAT applicants are provided with multiple payment options to pay for NMAT 2022 Registration / Late Registration / Retake Application such as:
    1. Credit Cards – Visa & MasterCard
    2. Debit Cards – Visa & MasterCard
    3. American Express
    4. Net Banking
    5. Diners Club
    6. Mobile Wallets
    7. UPI
  2. NMAT 2022 Rescheduling can only be done via Credit Card

Various Login Modes

  1. NMAT authorities provide the advantage of multiple login methods to the applicants like Login through Facebook, Google, One Time Password (OTP), and previous year credentials.

Improved Official NMAT Preparation Resources

  1. NMAT by GMACTM provides an official guide for 2022 for INR 899 only on Amazon and Flipkart websites.
  2. The guide contains discussion of concepts of each section with relevant examples, useful tips & strategies to approach and ace the exam.
  3. Their guide includes 480 (240 new) questions from previous NMAT years with detailed answers and explanations.
  4. It also contains 625 practice questions with answers and explanations.
  5. Candidates also get an access code for NMAT by GMAC™ Official prep online practice exam
  6. Candidates can register for free practice exam here.
  7. Also, candidates can buy (for INR 499) two more practice exam with detailed answers and explanations.



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