FAQ1 – What are the NMAT exam windows?

Answer – The NMAT exam is 75 day period divided into 5 windows where each window is 15 days long (the first and last date is inclusive in the window)

NMAT 2023 Windows

NMAT 2023 Window Start Date

NMAT 2023 Window End Date

NMAT 2023 Window 1



NMAT 2023 Window 2



NMAT 2023 Window 3



NMAT 2023 Window 4



NMAT 2023 Window 5



Additional NMAT window



NMAT 2023 registrations- Start

Friday, 5th January 2024

NMAT registration - End

Wednesday, 10th January 2024

NMAT Scheduling Start

Friday, 5th January 2024

NMAT Scheduling End

Wednesday, 10th January 2024

Exam Delivery Start

Thursday, 11th January 2024

Exam Delivery End

Monday, 15th January 2024

FAQ2 – What do we mean retaking, scheduling and rescheduling the NMAT exam?

Answer- You can sit for the NMAT exam 3 times i.e. write the exam once and then reapply 2 more times. This process of reapplying for the exam is called Exam Retake. You can retake the exam only after you pass your exam date (earliest being Oct). Also you can retake the exam only after 15 or more calendar days. Technically you can appear for NMAT exam in 3 separate windows. You need to register separately for the exam retake which is called Registration - Retake.

Choosing the time slot for exam is called Scheduling the exam. You can only schedule an exam after the payment is realised. Also, once you register for your exam retake you will have to schedule the retake exam as well which is called Re-Take Scheduling

In case a situation arises when you cannot appear for the exam on the date you chose earlier, you can change the date and select another. This process is called Exam Reschedule. You can only reschedule with 72 hours in hand from your original exam slot.

For e.g. If you appear for Exam1 in Oct, you can choose register for exam retake anytime starting Oct. But you cannot retake it before Oct because you need to have a 15 day gap. In case you choose Nov (window 3) for your Exam2 (exam retake) but wish to reschedule your appointment for the exam, you can only do it on or before 31st Oct because you need 72 hours in hand. 

FAQ3– What is scaling of NMAT score in the NMAT exam?

Answer – Since the NMAT exam is spread over a 75 day period the questions and their difficulty level toggles. To keep everyone at a common level, NMAT by GMACTM authorities scale the raw score of the candidates. All the raw scores are placed on a common scale and are equated based on the difficulty level of the exam and the overall performance of the students. The final scaled scores are comparable and cover up for any ups and downs.

FAQ4 – Is the NMAT score applicable for foreign universities as well?

Answer – Students can apply for a few universities in South Africa (7) and Philippines (4) apart from India. With addition of these foreign universities, it could mean that the overall difficulty level of the NMAT exam changes its usual course. Be prepared for some surprises.

FAQ5 – How many colleges can I choose to send your score?

Answer – You can choose up to 5 schools/programmes (India, South Africa & Philippines) to which your NMAT score will sent and which are included in your NMAT registration fee (INR 2000 + taxes). Apart from that you need to pay INR 200 (+ taxes) for every additional score report you want to send. Also keep in mind, for NMIMS Mumbai, you need to pay extra INR 1500 (+ taxes) anytime you apply or reapply for the exams.

FAQ6 – Do I have to pay registration fees every time I reapply for the NMAT exam?

Answer – Yes you need to pay NMAT registration fee every time you retake your exam. You can retake the exam 2 times after appearing it once. Every time you have to register for INR 2000. Exam rescheduling is for INR 1100.




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