CAT Preparation Strategy on Quant (QA), DI, VA and LR

Calender Icon CAT Exam Date: 28th Nov 2021

CAT Preparation Strategy on Quant (QA), DI, VA and LR

CAT 2021 will be held on Last Sunday, 28 November 2021.To give you a clear idea about the preparation strategy for each section of CAT 2021, we are sharing few strategies to suggest you the right way to prepare for CAT 2021. 

Let us take you through What is QA, DI and LR in CAT?

Quantitative Ability

For Quantitative Ability, you need to brush up your basics well and focus on your calculation tricks to reduce solution time, lower the mistakes and emphasize on accuracy. Practice is what makes Quantitative Ability friendly to anybody. Just practice a lot and you won’t need to mug any formula and any trick. Things will turn out eventually in your favor.

Data Interpretation

Data Interpretation is all about studying and understanding the data that are in question. DI involves a lot of calculations and to get things correct in less time, learning the tricks and tips of Vedic Mathematics is the best idea. Analytic skills are tested extensively in DI; therefore the CAT 2021aspirants need to practice DI questions well. 

Verbal Ability

This is an area which CAT aspirants are worried about mostly, because several students find it difficult to have a grasp over grammatically correct English. If you are one of them, then reading and practicing is the best method to get a grasp over it. Read newspaper's front page, editorial and business page necessarily within 35 minutes. Develop reading habit before sleeping. 

It is understandable that you cannot talk to people around you in English every time, so try and talk to yourself in English. You can develop a habit of thinking in English also because that way, sometimes you will fell short of words and that will increase your vocabulary itself. And last but not the least - performance is again directly proportional to practice here as well.

Logical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning section has neither any written syllabus nor any prescribed formula. You need to think logically in order to find out the solution of the problem stated in this section. You need to organize your thinking ability step by step in order to find out a solution. Unlike Quantitative Ability and Verbal Ability, there is no limit to the possibilities in Logical Reasoning. 

It is most unlikely that any caselet that you have solved before will ever turn up in CAT. The section has only one thing to learn: approach and that again, could be learned through practice and more practice.   

Stated above were few important section-wise tips for our CAT 2021 aspirants. Hope you will gain useful insights from them for your CAT 2021 preparation and MBA Rendezvous will keep on posting such important and beneficial articles and Mock Tests  for the convenience of our CAT 2021 aspirants.

All the best!!

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