Understanding Your NMAT Exam Pattern & Syllabus – Popular FAQs

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Understanding Your NMAT Exam Pattern & Syllabus – NMAT FAQs

FAQ1 – What is the NMAT exam pattern?

Answer – The NMAT exam pattern is as follows:

NMAT Exam Section



Time (in minutes)

Language Skills




Quantitative Skills

48 (22 + 20 + 6)*



Logical Reasoning




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*The Quantitative Section has questions on Maths (22), Data Interpretation (20) and Data Sufficiency (6)

FAQ2 – How is NMAT syllabus different from CAT syllabus. Can I prepare for both exams in one go?


Answer – There are a lot of topics that overlap in CAT and NMAT syllabus like PJs, RCs and Error Spotting in English. In QA/DI/LR the topics in Arithmetic, Geometry, Mensuration and Dirty Quant, Assumptions, Arguments, Graphs, Tables etc are also similar.  The difference lies in the difficulty level of the 2 exams, the splitting up of sections and the questions level. In NMAT’s LR section, the questions are individual and not set based unlike in CAT. Also you get questions from topics like Syllogism, Blood Relations, Series, Directions, Coding/Decoding and Input/output in the NMAT exam.

You can definitely study for both exams in one go, but you must give mocks and solve previous year question papers of both the exams separately to get a fair idea of the NMAT exam patterns and CAT exam pattern.


FAQ3 – What are the sectional limitations in the NMAT exam?

Answer – Keep the following things in mind related to NMAT exam section:

  1. There is sectional time limit for each section – English (22), Quant (60) and LR (38).
  2. You can choose which section you want to attempt first. MBA Rendezvous advises its students to attempt the English section first and then choose either QA or LR based on their comfort. You are given an extra 3 minute time period to select your sequence of sections, but you cannot see the questions during that time.
  3. There is sectional cutoff for each section along with an overall cutoff you need to clear.
  4. Once you start with a section you cannot jump it.
  5. If you leave a section in between, you cannot come back to it at a later time.
  6. If there is time left in your sectional time limit, the extra time will not be carry forwarded to the next section. Please use your time wisely.


FAQ4 – How much should I get in section so that I can clear my sectional cutoff and be safe?

Answer – Predictions can never be sure but NMAT is pretty predictable in terms of the question pattern. Based on what we have seen, the expected cutoff range for each section and the overall exam should lie within the range given below:

NMAT FAQs, NMAT Exam 2019

FAQ5 – Is there onscreen calculator provided during the NMAT exam?


Answer – In NMAT exam, there is NO onscreen calculator available. You get a rough page by the test invigilator for doing calculations in exam room.


FAQ6 – From where can I get a fair idea about the kind of questions asked in NMAT exam?

Answer – You can get the NMAT mock exams from the nmat.org.in. There is 1 free practice paper which you can give by registering on their website. Also you can buy the exam pack for INR 499 from their website. You will be evaluated for your practice exams and given the scaled scores based on your performance. Monetary investment is only advised if NMAT exam score is your ultimate goal and is something you are solely banking on.


FAQ7 How can I optimise my 120 minutes of the NMAT exam?

Answer –The suggested time is the optimum time you can spend on each type of question under each section:

NMAT 2018 Exam Section



Time Break Up

Language Skills



~8 minutes – Verbal

~14 minutes – RC

Quantitative Skills



~25 minutes – Maths

~25 minutes – DI

~10 minutes – DS 

Logical Reasoning



~15 minutes – Verbal

~23 minutes – Analytical

NMAT Mock Test

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