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Rendezvous with Dr. R K Mishra

Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad is a non-profit educational society established in 1964. For the last 52 years, it is committed to Education, Training, Research, and Consultancy for business enterprises in the public and private sector. IPE, Hyderabad has been recognized as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for doctoral studies by the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. It has a robust research wing with several Ph.D. research scholars, sponsored by ICSSR.

Recently, the team at MBA Rendezvous had the privilege to speak to Dr. R K Mishra, Director, Senior Professor and ONGC Subir Raha Chair Professor at IPE. He is a graduate of International Management Programme, SDA Bocconi, Milan, Italy and has been a Fellow of British Council and Commonwealth Secretariat. He wears many hats of an educationist, consultant, researcher, administrator, and a leader par excellence. Click here to read about his accomplishments.

Dr. Mishra shared his views on:

  • Importance of Research & Knowledge
  • Research Legacy of IPE
  • Current Industry-Academia Gap and Future

It was a pleasure speaking to him and hearing his valuable advice for future management aspirants. Read on to find out more.

Team MBA Rendezvous : How will the 52 years of Research Legacy of IPE benefit students looking forward to join IPE.

Dr. R K Mishra Research legacy of IPE would make them smart. They would know what they should be knowing. Unlike many other institutes, they would have research oriented knowledge inputs much different from the textbook based inputs which are not in sync with the industry and end-user requirements.

Team MBA Rendezvous : How research creates an academic culture of adapting newer market behaviors?

Dr. R K Mishra Research leads to innovative thinking continually. This drives hard a student to be in touch with the current developments. Market keeps in changing from minute to minute. Only a research aptitude could keep pace adapting to market culture of continual change. Research is not a onetime activity. It keeps a person on his toes to be fit to face the challenges.

Team MBA Rendezvous : Your views on Contemporary thinking of Industry-Academia gap and bright future!

Dr. R K Mishra Unlike the business and b-schools abroad, we find a lack of synchronization in India’s case. To some extent, they go the same way but to a large extent, they go the divergent ways. They often meet together but that is casually and only now and then but not on a basis of permanent relationship. Business and b-schools do not consider each other complimentary and to that extent both stand to use and face a situation of much reduced synergy.

Team MBA Rendezvous : How Students are likely to be Equipped with Knowledge on Public Enterprise thereby to come up with Practical Utility ?

Dr. R K Mishra Public enterprise and public sector are an important part of the Indian economy as it is mixed in nature from its very inception. Management per se at the operational level is same in the case of both public and private sector. The young MBA graduates are inducted in industry initially at the entry level and they take another 20 years to be at a level which is quite senior getting involved in policy formulation. It’s here that they learn more by experience and here to the public sector experiences enriches senior managerial personnel.

Team MBA Rendezvous : Your Advice to aspirants who are keen to join IPE

Dr. R K Mishra Come with open mind, dreams, an instinct to explore and devote yourself to challenges and the required work with love.

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