Easy Topics on Group Discussion, GD Topics with Question and Answers 2019

Group discussion and personal Interview(GD-PI)tips, tricks, study material

The concept of Group Discussion has not been a part of the regular academic curriculum in Colleges and Universities. So, students usually face a lot of problem in this area of the Selection Process. Let us first understand why Group Discussion is conducted.

Current Affairs

Current Affairs are topics that are burning issues and are deeply affecting the country on a political, social and economic level. They can be of national and international importance. Students must be up to date with the news headlines and should go well prepared with an opinion on all critical topics. The GDs are always held for or against the motion. The best way to prepare yourself is to pick a side and prepare accordingly. Some of the popular current affairs topics that can be asked are:

Top 27 GD/PI Topics on Current Affairs For 2020

Abstract Topics

There are certain topics that are beyond a binary response. They can be simple sentences which are left to a person’s interpretation. No interpretation is right or wrong. When dealing with them, students can fish out examples that could be philosophical, historical, political or social etc. Discussions on abstract topics can sometimes remain non-conclusive.

Top 52 GD/PI Topics on Abstract Topics For 2020

Issues on National Importance

Topics of national importance are strictly related to topics related to India. They could be related to India’s politics, economy, society etc. Students must make sure they are aware of all the topics that are related to India and Indians. Some important topics are:

Top 32 GD/PI Topics on Issues on National Importance For 2020


The topics that are related to sports field – be it about a specific game or tournaments or their commercialization – everything falls under this category. Some topics are:

Top 7 GD/PI Topics on Sports For 2020


Topics that are hardcore finance and financial policy related fall under this category. It is very important that students have thorough knowledge of important policies and current financial news both at national and international level. Some of the topics under this category are:

Top 6 GD/PI Topics on Financial For 2020

Social Media

Social Media is a burning topic these days and there can discussions related to this field. Some topics related to this category are:

Top 3 GD/PI Topics on Social Media For 2020

Group Discussion Essentials

GD is a critical aspect of selection procedure for any MBA college. Here are some generic topics highlighting the importance of this round and important tips to keep in mind.

Top 10 GD/PI Topics on Group Discussion Essentials For 2020

Top 98 GD/PI Topic For 2020

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